Kigali City

The capital and the largest city of Rwanda is Kigali. It’s situated near the heart of Rwanda. And its terrain is made up of hills, with a series of peaks and canyons joined by steep slopes.

Weather Conditions in Kigali

The coolest months are from April to June. There’s warm and dry weather in the months from July to September. These months are regarded as the best time to visit Kigali.

Kigali has two wet seasons:

  • Long Rains – March to May.
  • Short Rains – October and November.

Attractions in Kigali – Things to do and Places to visit!

There are a variety of things that visitors can enjoy in Kigali. Let’s have a look at them:

Visiting Art and Craft Galleries – Kigali is a hotspot for people who love art and crafts. The products are made from materials you can find locally. Some of the art and craft centers in Kigali are Inema Arts Center, Ivuka Arts, Sarah Day Design, etc.

Going Skydiving – This is a great activity for thrill seekers. It’s safe to do and will provide a unique memory.

Hiking Mount Kigali – It’s the tallest hill in Kigali. The summit will provide amazing, panoramic views of the city. 

Horse Riding – You can witness the awesome landscapes of Kigali while on horseback. The activity is organized at Fazenda Sangha on Mount Kigali as well as Rugende Park.

Going to the local marketplaces – It’s a great way to discover and learn Rwanda’s Culture. Some markets you should check out are Nyamirambo and Kimironko.

Tasting delicious foods – Kigali has several restaurants for food lovers. Some of the local dishes you should try include shawama, ibirayi, Nyama choma, akabenz, etc. Repub Lounge, The Hut, and Poivre Noir are some great restaurants in Kigali.

Highlights of Kigali

Let’s go through the top highlights in Kigali:

  • Home to Rwanda’s biggest airport – Kigali International Airport (KGL).
  • The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center is located here.
  • An awesome Gorilla trekking destination.
  • Riding on motorbikes through the town is also a great option.
  • Staying in at the Hotel Mille Collines.

Are you looking for a great Rwanda Trip? Then exploring the unique capital city, Kigali is a must-add to your itinerary.

Kigali City Location


valid passport or another acceptable travel document

Kinyarwanda, French, Swahili, English

Rwandan Francs

730 km²

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