One of the African Continent’s Prides. After trekking through the Masai Mara and encountering lions, giraffes, and wildebeests, return to the warm Indian Ocean to relax and reflect.

African Safaris offer something for everyone, visiting Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. Beautiful views, original art, fine furnishings, and only the best in food, location, and design are also available at African accommodations.

Let’s look at our top African accommodations to help you plan the best African safari.

In general, Africa Safaris offers three types of accommodation based on affordability and budget.

African Safari Budget Accommodations

African Safari boasts a wide range of affordable and budget-friendly safari accommodations.

Camping/Tenting on Safari

This is the ultimate accommodation option deep in the African bush. Out here, there are luxury options that equal what you would normally expect in more expensive accommodations. Some enjoy the comfort of mobile tented camps, giving the luxury to move locations according to your safari tour.

African Safari Mid-Range Accommodation

An African Safari has a wide selection of hotels, villas, and lodges. Some of them can give the most luxurious resorts a run for their money.

Safari Lodges

The mid-range tented properties in African Safaris come with semi to fully permanent structures with raised wooden floors, clean bathrooms, and fine linens. These cozy little camps give you the comfort of larger beds, basic amenities, and spacious front sitting areas overlooking the vast African savannah.

Luxury Accommodation in Africa

For years, African luxury accommodations have set a benchmark in world tourism. Fine dining, opulent rooms, lavish decorations, concierge services, enjoy the best of everything.

Luxury Safari Lodges, Apartments, Resorts, And Villas

African high-end safari lodges and villas are world-famous. They offer the best game-viewing and other adventures. Most of these lodges are in private game reserves with access to exclusive activities like night game drives. Enjoy the best of Africa with amazing resorts that boast sophisticated designs and jaw-dropping amenities.

Excellent Africa Safaris offers a wide range of African Accommodations suitable for every budget. To know more about our exclusive Accommodation options, visit our website today. Also, get an option to go through our African Travel Guide page.