Lake Bunyonyi

You can find Lake Bunyonyi in southwestern Uganda. It’s between the towns of Kabale and Kisoro. There are 29 islands on the lake including Bushara Island and Punishment Island. 

Best Months to go to Lake Bunyonyi

January and February and June to August are widely regarded as the best months for visiting Lake Bunyonyi. The weather is pleasant during this month of the year. 

The average temperature of the lake is around 26 Celsius to 30 Celsius.

Wildlife of Lake Bunyonyi

Several aquatic species of Uganda Wildlife can be found in Lake Bunyonyi. They include spotted-necked otters, African clawless otters, Lake Victoria clawed frogs, De Witte’s clawed frogs, etc.

Fish are also present in the lake. Like tilapia, crayfish, and crayfish.

The lush and vibrant hills contain over 200 species of birds. 

Activities at Lake Bunyonyi

You can do many activities at Lake Bunyonyi. They include swimming, birdwatching, boat rides, boat cruises, etc.

Highlights of Lake Bunyonyi

Let’s go through the top highlights of Lake Bunyonyi:

  • Set in the backdrop of green and lush hills. They provide brilliant scenic landscapes. 
  • Cultural visits to the villages of Batwa, Bufuka, and Bakiga people can be arranged.
  • Appreciate great views of the surroundings from Punishment and Bwama Island.
  • Stay in the unique Edirisa family home. It’s a unique Uganda Accommodation.

Thus, many visitors are attracted to Lake Bunyonyi, where they get to bask in the natural surroundings. Contact our safari experts today to plan your trip.

Lake Bunyonyi Location


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