Gorilla Naming Ceremony on Friday,1st September 2023

23 baby mountain gorillas born in the last 12 months

We all know that the Lion is the king of the jungle, but in Rwanda, a gorilla rules the jungle. These endangered creatures are among the greatest tourist attractions Rwanda has got. They need to be cared for and recognized as a great resource to the country. Just as a new born human baby calls for celebration to be named, the same applies to these creatures, which brings us to the gorilla naming ceremony 19th edition.

The 2023 gorilla naming ceremony, a ceremony famously known as the Kwita Izina ceremony translated as the naming of new born baby gorillas . It was initially introduced in 2005 and has been held annually since then. Each baby is named according to the circumstances of its birth, expectations of the future and the location.

This ceremony is to be held at Volcanoes National Park in Kinigi, Musanze District, which will bring together various honorable people, artists and the people living near the homes of these endangered mountain gorillas in the celebration of conservation of our biodiversity.


The ceremony will involve the naming of the 23 baby gorillas born in the last 12 months. 374 baby gorillas have been named since the beginning of the naming ceremony first held in 2005.

This year’s namers will include; conservationists, notable partners, international and local personalities, dignitaries and friends of Rwanda, who will be known closer to the day of the ceremony.

This celebration is designed to showcase Rwanda’s conservation efforts, including high approach to gorilla tourism which has enabled the gorilla population to rise at a great level hence expanding the tourism industry. The current tourism figures show that Rwanda generated US$247 in the first half of 2023, which showed an increase compared to US$158 million in the same period 2022.

It is a great excitement to return to Kinigi this year in the Kwita Izina ceremony to celebrate the gains made in Rwanda’s tourism conservation efforts and the joy of having 12 more baby gorillas to join the family.

Other events that will take place as part of this Kwita Izina celebrations include the Rhino Velo Race in Akagera National Park, country wide familiarization tours for international tour operators and travel media, and a Kwita Izina concert which will host various artists.

Overall, Rwanda has managed to be considered as a conservation and sustainable tourism leader on the continent, and that’s why the gorillas are no longer considered to be critically endangered, and the tourism industry is rising day in and day out.

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